My customers only want the very best glass. And I know the only place I'll find that in Las Vegas is from Jack and his guys! I love dropping in and seeing all the wild glass designs they come up with.
- Cindy J.
When ever I'm in Las Vegas, I always stop by and see Phat Jack and the artists at Dopeass Glass.
When I want the hottest and latest glass, I always count on Dopeass for the best!
- Mike L.
My shop wouldn't last without the wonderful and exquisite designs that Jack and his artists make.
I have even commissioned a few custom pieces too. Love their work!
- Cheyenne W.
I love visiting Las Vegas and stopping in to see Jack and get the latest designs form his Artists.
I usually fill my Suburban with as much glass as it can hold to take back to the Midwest.
- Jackie P.
Dopeass Glass has been supplying me glass for years. I wouldn't buy from anyone but Phat Jack! He always has the best glass I have ever seen.
When I bring glass back home to Colorado, everyone wants to know where I got it!
- Bong Man from CO.